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Arnaud Dufour highlighted in Featured Agent Magazine

After graduating with a dual major from UC Riverside, Arnaud Dufour, Senior Mortgage Banker at DLJ Financial, launched his financial career in commercial lending. Soon enough, his career had taken off, and he was ready to purchase his first home, so he gladly took the recommendation to a highly-regarded mortgage broker to help with his purchase loan.

Midway through the process, however, Arnaud says he realized that “I knew more about mortgages than he did, even though I was a commercial lender.” Recognizing just how much expertise in lending he’d acquired, he found himself ready for a new challenge. He also saw that transitioning to residential lending would provide him with a unique opportunity that commercial lending was lacking.

“Commercial lending is transactional, whereas residential lending would allow me to get to really know home buyers and homeowners. It felt like I could go deeper, in helping people and building relationships,” he says.

Arnaud has never looked back and his clients are clearly grateful, as evidenced by the fact that 80% of his business comes from returning clients and referrals. He believes that one of the reasons he’s earned the trust and loyalty of clients is due to the fact that he’s often able to help borrowers who haven’t been successful working with other mortgage professionals. “A lot of clients come to me and say they were working with someone else who couldn’t get their loan done for them,” he says.

Fortunately, DLJ Financial provides full-service options to borrowers, so Arnaud has a broad array of loan solutions for both conventional and jumbo purchases and refinances, including FHA and VA loans. He says he is supported by an incredible team of processors and underwriters which ensures that he can not only secure the loans his clients need, but can also close them very quickly.

Another reason Arnaud says that he’s achieved such success as a mortgage originator — including being named one of the top 150 originators in the nation — is because of the approach he takes with each client. His role, as he sees it, is that of a partner or a consultant.

“It’s really rewarding to help people achieve their financial goals.”

“When clients come to me they generally have an idea of what they want. I listen and from there I propose struc-tures and programs to review with them. I am not there to tell them what to do. The decision is always theirs, and it should be. Together, we decide what makes the most sense after running some simple calculations. Their mort-gage is their single biggest liability, so we work together as a team to make the best decision,” he says.

Even after years of success in mortgage lending, Arnaud says that the unique experiences of working through the process of securing mortgage loans with each individual client remains incredibly fulfilling. “It’s really rewarding to help people achieve their financial goals. Being able to provide stress relief, to improve someone’s overall financial well-being, or to help a first-time buyer get into a home, feels really good,” he says.

In addition to working with borrowers, Arnaud also makes it a priority to help others how ever he can. From writing educational mortgage articles which have been syndicated in numerous publications, to volunteering for his alma mater as Chairperson of the UC Riverside Alumni Asso-ciation Scholarship, to his involvement with his sons’ little league team, Arnaud has also recently been tapped to launch a new division at DLJ Financial. “Our new com-mercial lending division is growing much faster than we anticipated,” he says. “It is really fantastic,” he adds.

Indeed, it is a busy time for Arnaud, but it’s also an in-credibly gratifying time in both his personal life and his career. “I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 16 years, and we have two very active young sons. I enjoy very much what I do, and I’m a little bit of a workaholic, but I love spending as much time as possible with my family.”

Arnaud Dufour
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